Czopowa 10


3 maja 23/14


Zielona 1 


Felicjanek 10/12


Warsaw (2022)


Kramarska 11


Plac Solny 6/7 lok. 1


"Quiz Game - Live Game Show" 



WED - FRI : 16-22

SAT - SUN : 9-22



Quiz Game Kraków Felicjanek 10/12

(3rd floor)

31-104 Kraków


Tel: +48 782 449 202

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1. Every person making a reservation on the website or over the phone with one of our employees is obliged to read the terms and conditions, and also to pass the information on to the rest of the participants.
2. At Quiz Game, the participants are obliged to obey the terms and conditions and tofollow the employees’ recommendations.


3. Reservation:
3.1 The reservation can be made through the form on
3.2 While making the reservation, it is necessary to provide:
- the name and surname of the person making the reservation
- the number of participants
- the date and hour of the reservation
- the phone number or e-mail address
- the method of payment
Note: even a not confirmed reservation stays in the system if it had not been cancelled.
3.3 The reservation may be cancelled over the phone, by e-mail or in person up to two days before the planned visit.
3.4 The employees may call the provided number on the day of the planned game, or the day before, to confirm the reservation.
3.5 The reservation may be called off by our employees if the reservation does not get confirmed by e-mail or over the phone, or when the provided number is incorrect.


4. The game:
4.1 The QuizGame game takes place in one of the three rooms (created for four, five or six people).
4.2 It is necessary to inform the employees at QuizGame if children under 15 years of age, disabled people or people with chronic neurological disorders are among the participants.
4.3 There may be 2 to 15 participants in the game.
4.4 The game lasts 60 minutes. However, it is advised to save extra 10-15 minutes to get familiar with the game and organization matters, to use the restroom, and to take a souvenir photo.
4.5 People under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants are not allowed to take part in the game. The employees have the right to refuse entry if any of the participants did not follow this rule.
4.6 Throughout the duration of the game it is advised not to use phones or other electronic devices.
4.7 To ensure safety, all of the rooms at QuizGame are monitored and recorded.
4.8 For any damages caused by the participants (damages to the equipment, the interior or other elements of the room), it is the client who is materially responsible for them.
4.9 The participants should arrive at the QuizGame place at the booked hour, at the latest. It is advised to arrive 10-15 minutes before the planned start of the game. The employees have the right to refuse entry to those who arrived more than 15 minutes

5. Security rules:
5.1 There are evacuation route signs and a fire extinguisher at the place.
5.2 People dealing with epilepsy or other neurological disorders should notify the employees before starting the game.
5.3 In cases of not obeying the terms and conditions or the employees’ orders by the participants, the employees have the right to ask them to leave the place. In such situations, the participants are not entitled to a refund.
5.4 QuizGame does not take responsibility for property or personal damages caused by the participants.
5.5 The matters not covered by this Agreement will be settled basing on the Civil Code.
5.6 All of the participants take part in the game on their own responsibility.
5.7 The participants oblige not to render the game difficult for other players and not to
disturb them during their game.


6. Payment:
6.1 The payment can be done online on the website.
6.2 The payment can be done before the start of the game (cash or card)


7. Vouchers:
7.1 You may purchase the Gift Voucher at the QuizGame place, over the phone or on in the VOUCHER section.
7.2 The Voucher is valid for the next twelve months from the purchase date.
7.3 To use the Voucher, book the desired, free date and enter the code from the Voucher in the payment method section.
8. Personal data:
8.1 When making the reservation on the QuizGame website, it is necessary to provide the personal data (name and surname, e-mail address, and phone number) to ensure the reservation. In cases of purchasing the Voucher through courier or postal services, your address is also needed. If there is a request for an invoice, we receive your personal data as well. Therefore, by making the reservation, you give consent for your personal data to be processed for the reservation and marketing purposes related to the
QuizGame offer.


In case you have more questions,

please call us or send us a message!